Our Team

Moffett Orchards Ltd is one of the largest family owned and operated
orchards in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.

Quality, consistency, reliability

Jonathan Moffett

Director, Senior Advisor

Jonathan has been producing and marketing fruit for the past 45 years. He spent 9 years on the NZ Apple & Pear Marketing Board and has been the chairman of Fruitpackers (HB) Cooperative Ltd since 1982.

Email: moffetts@xtra.co.nz

Office: +64 21 536 950

Jonty Moffett

Director, General Manager

Jonty gained his apprenticeship as a mechanic and completed a diploma in horticulture. He co-founded Moffett Orchards Ltd in 1997 and now oversees the operation of the business.

Email: jontymoffett@gmail.com

Office: +64 21 446 257

Joe Moffett

Director, Marketing Manager

Joe graduated as a Mechanical Engineer. He returned to the orchard in 1999 to manage the packing and marketing operations of the business, local and export.

Email: joe@moffetts.co.nz

Office: +64 21 620 645

Sean Moffett

Director, Cropping Manager

Sean gained his apprenticeship as a carpenter and worked as a builder before returning to the orchard in 2003. He overseas 100ha of watermelon, rock melon, sweetcorn, maize and zucchini crops.

Email: sean@moffetts.co.nz

Office: +64 21 379 776

Sarah Walker

Office Manager

Sarah has worked as an assistant account for 18 years. She joined Moffett Orchards in 2008 and is responsible for running all aspects of administration.

Email: sarah@moffetts.co.nz

Office: +64 6 879 7985

Mobile: +64 27 309 5339

Haydn Merry

Orchard Manager

Haydn completed his cadetship in horticulture and has worked in the industry ever since. He joined Moffett Orchards in 1995 as a foreman and now manages 90ha of pipfruit.

Office: +64 27 551 1558

Teni Fameitau

Staff Supervisor

Teni was born in Tonga moving to New Zealand in 1996. Teni is the first point of contact for the seasonal staff. He is responsible for communicating with and supervising the work of the seasonal staff.

Maile fameitau

Staff Liaison

Maile was born in Tonga moving to New Zealand with her husband Teni and their family in 1996.  Maile organises the seasonal staff and supervises the workers in their various roles.

Kevin Milne

Packhouse Manager

Kevin worked in production management for 23 years before he joined Moffett Orchards in 2006. He is responsible for co-ordinating the packing and shipping of produce for the local market.

Email: packhouse@moffetts.co.nz

Office: +64 27 620 6465

Packhouse Team

Packhouse processing

Our packhouse team are second to none, hard working and diligent. They care that our produce is seen at its best.